The Mat Doc Pocket Reference Guide

Skin Infection Pocket Reference

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For use in the recognition, treatment and prevention of skin infections in sports.

A must have resource for coaches, trainers, athletes and others!

This handy 8-page pocket guide helps you clearly and simply identify some of the most common skin infections in sports and gives valuable insight into your various treatment options.

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The Mat Doc Interactive Educational DVD

Am I disqualified?

"Every program should have this DVD...!"

Robert Hines, M.D., Team physician Oklahoma Wrestling Team 2008 only USA Olympic Wrestling Team physician.

  • Purchased and recommended by USA Wrestling.
  • Purchased nationwide by High Schools, High School Nurses, and professional sports Team.
  • Includes all recommendations outlined by the NCAA, NFHS, USA Wrestling and the CDC.
  • Guaranteed to reduce skin infections.

The Recognition, Treatment and Prevention of Skin Infection in Wrestling.

The FIRST Educational DVD of it's kind to thoroughly address skin issue in athletes!

Includes up-to-the-minute information with the latest recognition and treatment guidelines for:

  • Herpes Gladiatorum
  • Ringworm
  • and Many Others!

Also includes:
Over 70 color photos to reference as an educational tool. Downloadable PDF's with concise outlines on each infection.

The Mat Doc App

The Mat Doc skin app allows users who work with wrestlers or any athlete to quickly determine what type of skin lesion may be present. Application is ideal for coaches, referees and even parents who need a quick, simple guide to aid in rapid identification of common skin infections. Utilizing a bodygram, the user clicks on the area of concern, and then photos of several skin conditions appear. Click on the one most representative of your athlete and a description with specifics of the condition, treatment guidelines and infectivity are listed.

For those who already know the condition, a list of skin infections is presented. Clicking on specific conditions allows the user to access almost a hundred photos representative of these infections. A description follows addressing all the specifics on these conditions.

New upgrade includes:

  • Free downloadable educational Pdfs
  • Skin lesion forms for NCAA, NFHS and every state high school association
  • Treatment guidelines for: skin infections and cauliflower ear
  • Plus! If you're not sure what the skin condition is, then send a photo! The Mat Doc will give you his opinion

Customer Reviews:

"...this tool should be available to every coach, athletic trainer and wrestling official. The photographs , disease specific information and the review of the treatment options are critical to help keep the athletes healthy and to help you do the right thing!"

"Must have for youth coaches I always have a phone nearby. Having a resource to calm down nervous moms or over zealous youth officials has been invaluable. Thanks for doing the hard work of putting this together."

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