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My DVD won’t work properly. Why?

First, make sure your computer has a DVD player
and can read DVD's. The disc will not play in a CD player.

In Windows: Access the DVD files through left clicking
the start button. Go to “My Computer” and left click,
then access the DVD drive for The Mat Doc DVD.
Right click it and access Explore. Left click the ‘F’
button labeled The Mat Doc.

I can’t locate the PDF’s that came with the DVD. Why?

First, make sure the DVD is mounted in your DVD player.
In Windows: Once the DVD is in the drive, access the files
via left click start button, then left click “My Computer” then
right click the drive where the DVD is in. Once those files are
open, left click on the file labeled “forms”. In that file you'll
find the PDF downloads. Note: left and right clicks refer to
the buttons on your mouse.
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